Monday, April 21, 2014

love wins

I love Easter, and this year was so special spending it with my family. In our house, there are traditions galore; we dyed easter eggs and had a lovely breakfast before Church. Even though all 4 of us kids are grown and out of the house, my dad still writes a scavenger hunt for us all to find out easter baskets. My mom suggested that once we hit 30 maybe we don't get an easter basket {ie: me!}, and I was quite horrified! haha! I love traditions, and i'll never be "too old" to outgrow them. My dad was so cute hiding all the clues, and then all of us "kids" in our twenties and thirties darted around the house looking for the next clue. Good times:)

That morning at church there was a song called "love wins". And as I reflected that day, I thought about how Easter is the pinnacle of love winning. Love that conquered death and sin, and covered a blanket of grace over our hearts. A love of Jesus that is so personal, so tender, so kind and warm, that stands in our place, takes away death, so that we can have life.

I owe him my all. I'm thankful that darkness doesn't win in the end, love does.

Here's to living like Love has won, because is has:) He has won.

Happy Monday friends,
love Katie
 {Kevin was over the moon about his See's egg!}

 {my sisters Easter masterpiece…a fruit salad bunny!} 

 {my sweet mom and her hilarious sisters…they have far too much fun together} 

Friday, April 18, 2014

some spring bling

If you knew me in person, you'd know i'm pretty simple when it comes to make-up. Honestly, I wish I was better and knew all the tricks. But I guess i've just never taken the time to learn! haha However, i'm still a woman, and I love a little shimmer and shine, especially when spring turns the corner into summer and I crave a fresh and beachy look!

Sweet Fannie contacted me about some of her products at Mary Kay. Of course we've all heard of Mary Kay, but I immediately had this misconceived notion that they were super pricey. But when I started looking over their website, I noticed how truly affordable their quality products are!

I had so much fun trying out these new products, and i'm over the moon about how it gave me a little extra glow and pop!

I ordered:
Mineral Eye Color in Sweet Plum {$7} which I used to line my eyes. The purple color gave my green eyes an extra pop!

Creme Eye Color in Beach Blonde {$10) I'm obsessed with this smooth and shimmery cream. I loved how it wasn't too glittery ala 7th grade, but gave me a real glow.

Brunette Definer Pencil  {$10}

 I honestly loved all these products, and plan to restock when I run out. I think the eye cream was my favorite, and am looking at adding the apricot color to my collection!!

As a special gift for you readers, Fannie is offering a 25% off coupon if you order your products through her Mary Kay website.

Here is what you need to do:
1. Go to the site {here}
2. Register and shop
3. Send Fannie an email with your order, and my blog name, Hope Engaged.

an easy peasy way to add some fun glow to your spring and summer look:)

Happy weekend friends,
I hope your Easter is filled with love, laughter, and a beautiful awe of our Savior's resurrection.
He has risen! He has risen Indeed!

love Katie 

Monday, April 14, 2014

Seattle, a birthday trip

When Kevin and I were first married, we decided that for each other's birthdays, we would plan and surprise each other with a weekend trip (instead of a tangible gift). So far, our plan has worked brilliantly!

This year for my birthday, Kevin surprised me with tickets to Seattle. We were in a waffle restaurant, when Kevin handed me the tickets. I was so speechless I clapped my hands around my face and started to cry happy tears. Kev knew I had been wanting to go to Seattle for a while to visit some good friends of ours (josh and mica!). 

Well, in true fashion to the way we travel, Kev had snagged free flights using our Southwest credit cards, and we stayed with our friends, so as a huge blessing, the trip was rather economical for us! 

And what  a delight this city is! We of course started our first day in downtown Seattle at Pike Place Market. We visited the first Starbucks ever made, and shopped along the old market row full of fresh flowers and all sorts of foods! I loved it! We even saw the famous fish market! Fish were flying everywhere, it was great! 

My favorite part of the trip was discovering the different neighborhoods in Seattle! Our friends lived in lovely Green Lake, and we walked around the beautiful lake as the trees bloomed blossoms down upon us! We visited the Ballard Locks, Freemont, U-District, and had a lovely walk through Queen Anne's (where the spectacular view of the city from Kerry Park is!). 

We ate our way through the entire city, and i'm still drooling over Molly Moon's, the famous home made ice cream shop that offers vegan ice cream! BEST EVER! 

The last day we played tourists again, and went up into the Space Needle (which was AWESOME!) and rode the Ducks (which was hilarious!!). We saw the floating house from Sleepless in Seattle, gasworks park, and the bridge! So fun! 

All in all it was a great trip, and we are so blessed for the friendship of Josh and Mica who hosted us in the most generous and welcome way!!

Lastly, I hope you noted that I was literally dressed like I was going to the snow! HA! I'm pretty sure my snow jacket and hat were a dead give away to the locals that I was a complete tourist and a complete wimp when it came to "cold weather"! haha! 

Happy Monday Friends,
Love Katie